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    About Gopalan Suresh Raj

    Gopalan Suresh Raj Gopalan Suresh Raj has been a Software Engineering Professional since 1991. His background includes Object-Oriented, Service-Oriented, Resource-Oriented, and Component-Oriented Design and Development in the areas of Medical-Systems, Process Automation, Target Marketing Systems, Manufacturing Systems, Object-Relational Persistence Mapping, Custom Control development, Cross-platform Applications development and Expert Systems. His expertise spans multi-tier Enterprise Service Architectures and Distributed Computing. His responsibilities have included the entire gamut of the Software Engineering project life-cycle including Analysis, Design, Development and QA.

    He has co-authored the following technology books:

    1. Professional JMS Programming (Wrox Press, March 2001)
    2. Enterprise Java Computing-Applications and Architecture (Cambridge University Press, June 1999) and
    3. The Awesome Power of JavaBeans (Manning Publishing Co., June 1998).

    Some of his past presentations/public speaking engagements are listed below:

    1. Versioning Strategies for Service-Oriented Architectures (Session ID: S313771, JavaOne, September 2010).
    2. Designing Service Collaborations-The Design of “Wire”-Centric Integration (Session ID: TS-8897, JavaOne, May 2007).
    3. Aspect Orientation for Enterprise Mashups using OpenESB (Session ID: MTH-09, JavaOne, May 2007).
    4. Building a Service With BPEL and the Java™ EE Platform-How Composite Applications and JBI Simplify SOA Development (Session ID: TS-3175, JavaOne, May 2006).

    Some of the technology whitepapers he has authored are listed below:

    1. Implementing Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) with the Java™ EE SDK (Sun Microsystems, Inc., May 2006)
    2. A Detailed Comparison of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and The Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) Models (with specific code examples) (Microsoft Visual J++ Informant, May 1999)
    3. A Detailed Comparison of CORBA, DCOM and Java/RMI (with specific code examples) (Object Management Group, September 1998)

    Some of the technology magazine articles he has authored are listed below:

    1. Deliver Composite Applications with Java, WS-BPEL and SOA (Java Developer’s Journal, April 2007)
    2. Guarantee Inter-Enterprise Message Delivery using JMS (Java Report, August 2000)
    3. JavaBeans vs Enterprise JavaBeans (Java Developer’s Journal, August 1999)