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    JavaOne-S313771-Versioning Strategies for Service-Oriented Architectures

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    Presented a technical session at JavaOne 2010 that proposes architecturally innovative solutions for designing and solving version challenges.

    Venue JavaOne 2010, The Parc 55 San Fransisco, Cyril Magnin III , San Fransisco, CA.
    Duration 60 minutes
    Date & Time Thursday, September 23, 2010, 11:00AM to 12:00PM

    JavaOne 2007

    Session Details

    Session ID S313771
    Session Title Versioning Strategies for Service-Oriented Architectures
    Session Abstract Business changes force evolution of service contracts and business processes. Iterative project lifecycles require versioning support. Bug fixes or additional requirements force newer versions to be deployed.
    There are many challenges in versioning support:
    * Which contract version to use?
    * Which implementation version to use?
    * How can multiple versions coexist?
    * How to hot-deploy newer versions without affecting existing instances?
    * How to route messages to the appropriate version of the instance?
    * How and when to migrate existing instances to newer deployed versions?
    * How to solve additional challenges due to correlating services?
    This session will propose architecturally innovative solutions for designing and solving version challenges.
    Track Enterprise Service Architectures and the Cloud
    Speaker(s) Gopalan Suresh Raj, Sun Microsystems Inc; Kiran Bhumana, eBay, Inc.

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    Gopalan Suresh Raj is a Senior Analyst, Software Architect, and Developer with expertise in multi-tiered systems development, enterprise service architectures, and distributed computing. He is also an active author, including contributions to Professional JMS Programming, Wrox Press, 2001, Enterprise Java Computing-Applications and Architecture, Cambridge University Press, 1999, and The Awesome Power of JavaBeans, Manning Publications Co., 1998. He has submitted papers at international fora, and his work has been published in numerous technical journals. Visit him at his Web Cornucopia© site ( or mail him at