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    In this book, I authored the following chapter:

    • Chapter 10: ActiveX to JavaBeans

    The Awesome Power of Java Beans

    The Awesome Power of Java Beans details the following:

    • A complete description of the JavaBeans model
    • Bean design and detailed implementation
    • “Glasglow” and Infobus specs
    • Writing beans as applets or converting to applets
    • Converting your ActiveX Control to a bean
    • Convert your bean to an ActiveX Control
    • Running it in VB or Internet Explorer
    • Custom property editors and customizers
    • Unique source of useful beans
    • This book contains general purpose beans for
    1. charting
    2. plotting
    3. printing
    4. spreadsheet
    5. image loading
    6. image display
    7. image manipulation

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    Gopalan Suresh Raj is a Senior Analyst, Software Architect, and Developer with expertise in multi-tiered systems development, enterprise service architectures, and distributed computing. He is also an active author, including contributions to Professional JMS Programming, Wrox Press, 2001, Enterprise Java Computing-Applications and Architecture, Cambridge University Press, 1999, and The Awesome Power of JavaBeans, Manning Publications Co., 1998. He has submitted papers at international fora, and his work has been published in numerous technical journals. Visit him at his Web Cornucopia© site ( or mail him at