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    SOA Tips-Protocol Is Not Part of the Business Message


    In designing global collaborations for wire-centric integration, particular attention has to be paid to persistence of transactional business information. Transactional business information that is required by a service for processing long running collaborations should be made persistent for a number of reasons, for e.g., to handle failures, for manageability, reliability, performance, for compliance, and support for audits. Persistence of business information is also required to provide for state-management of services, processes, or composites. This includes supporting long-term transactions, or multi party/multi-partner collaborations.


    A message has a header and a body. However, when you want to persist the business data in a data store for further processing, you only persist the message body since the message body contains the business data. Therefore the Message body has to stand alone – do NOT place information that you will need to reuse to process a collaboration in the Message header.

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