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    SOA Tips-Do not mix style/use in the same service


    The ‘style’ attribute determines the way in which the SOAP Body is constructed. If the value of the style attribute is RPC then the messages exchanged contain operation name and  parameters type values, and if the value of the style attribute is document, the messages exchanged contain business document(s). The ‘use’ attribute determines whether the message parts are encoded with some custom encoding rules in which case the value is ‘encoded’, or whether the message elements conform to a well defined XML Schema in which case, the value happens to be ‘literal’. For more details, you can refer to an earlier blog entry of mine entitled WSDL & SOAP: Binding Style to use - Document or RPC? 

    In the same service either expose all your operations with document/literal or as RPC/literal. Do not mix the style/use alternatives in the same WebService. It will make it difficult for the consumers of your service. Prefer exposing document style with literal use which ensures WS-I compliance and interoperability and comes with a host of other advantages which I will blog about in a future tip.

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